by Babymoov


The advantages of cabbage:

Cabbage, from the cruciferous vegetable family, is renowned for making you burn more energy when chewing it than when actually eating it; it is a key basis for making soups and simmered dishes for baby.

Rich in vitamin K which is not depleted on cooking, baby should eat cabbage to ensure healthy bone growth.

How to choose it?

There are many varieties of cabbage: white, red, Brussels sprouts, kohlrabi, cauliflower, collard greens, Portuguese kale, to name but a few. With each of them, we get the impression we are eating a different vegetable.

When and how to prepare it for baby?

Baby can start eating cabbage from 8 months onwards.

Cabbage is known to cause gas. To avoid this, don’t use the large rib that separates the leaf down the middle in the dishes you prepare for your baby. Also, add a little cumin or fennel during the cooking cycle.

Use it in sensible amounts, mixed with a starch (potato or a little rice).