by Babymoov



The benefits of carrots:

Carrots have benefits that have built their reputation over the centuries! But there’s more to them… Whether your baby is a blondie or a carrot-top, it will start eating this orange tuber from when it is 6 months old. It is one of the first foods to introduce during the weaning process. You will see that it will quickly choose between the carrot or the stick!


Carrots have a relatively sweet flavour, which means you can use them to make sorbets and jams or honey ice cream. As you will know, babies are more easily attracted by sweet food. A courgette and carrot purée will always be welcome. In the case of cooked carrots, nothing goes to waste: they still have wonderful properties like improving the eyesight thanks to their alpha and beta-carotene. This vitamin A derivate also promotes bone and teeth growth.


Make sure you use your fresh carrots within 2 weeks of buying them. If you buy them with the tops (the green part you can add to soups), make sure you cut them before putting the vegetables in your fridge.

Often grated or cooked as Vichy carrots, carrots are also very practical if cut into long strips with a peeler, to prepare lasagne or to add some flair to fish.

They should be eaten with some fat to assimilate all their vitamins properly. The more colour they have, the more beta-carotene they contain.


This is the ideal vegetable to use when weaning your baby onto food. It adds colour and flavour to meals, especially meat-based food. So prepare some beef and carrot stew!