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Courgettes ingredient

Courgettes are very often likened to a vegetable while instead they are a fruit… Discover its benefits for your diet and your health, as well as that of your baby!

Courgettes are a vegetable-fruit originally from Central America. They were domesticated there about 10,000 years ago by Native Americans. With the arrival of Spanish Conquistadors, their cultivation was widely disseminated, particularly in Europe in the 16th century.

The benefits of courgettes

Courgettes are basic food that is easy to prepare, cook and is inexpensive. Indeed, it is not essential to peel them, quite the contrary! Their skin contains vitamin P (or rutin) to control « bad » cholesterol.

Plus, courgettes are composed of more than 90% of water, which means they are very low in calories.


Courgettes are vegetables rich in vitamin A (as beta-carotene), B and C, and minerals such as potassium, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

From a digestive point of view, courgettes are well tolerated because they contain little fibre. However, the riper the courgettes, the greater the amount of fibre.

At what age should I give courgettes to my baby?

You can incorporate courgettes in its diet from when it is 6 months old by removing the seeds and skin, and whole from 8 months onwards (by ‘striping’ it when the baby is weaned onto solids).

Thanks to its low fibre content, giving the baby courgettes will stimulate its small bowels!


Buy small courgettes, thin and long, as they are tastier.

Courgettes can be eaten raw (in salads), grated and mixed with other food, or cooked (steamed, cooked in the over or in a pan). Do not season them too much, as the seasoning should not cover their taste.

Courgettes can be kept in the fridge, but not more than 2-3 days. We recommend washing them only when you need to prepare them. Plus, they keep well in the freezer in airtight containers, after being sliced ​​or diced and blanched.

Courgettes go well with other vegetables such as aubergines, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, onions or carrots.


Courgettes are full of essential nutrients for good health of our body and that of the baby. So don’t forget them when preparing its small jars of home-made food!


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