by Babymoov

How can I prepare starchy food with Nutribaby?

Many parents regularly ask us if it is possible to cook starchy food with Nutribaby. And the answer is yes! But how? We’ll explain you everything in this report with our advice.

Whether it’s pasta, rice, semolina, bulgur wheat or quinoa, you can indeed cook all these foods for your baby in your Nutribaby!

To start with, take a container, like the Babybols, that can withstand the heat of steam cooking. Then put your starchy food in the bowl and cover it with water.

Then put your Babybol with your starchy food in one of the steam baskets of your Nutribaby and cook. The time will depend on the food in question, but expect an average of 25 to 30 minutes for most starchy foods.


Your Nutribaby might start ringing after 25-30 minutes. This means there is no more water in your tank. If so, just put your steam basket to the side and add some water. Then resume the current cooking process to ensure your starchy food is cooked properly.

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