by Babymoov


Nectarines are a soft, sweet fruit, ideal to let the baby discover new tastes from 8 months onwards.

Nectarines are fruits that existed since antiquity and have long been likened to a cross between a peach tree and a plum tree.

There are many varieties of nectarines, round or flat, with white or yellow flesh.

The benefits of nectarines

Nectarines are a very low-fat fruit as they contain more than 80% of water. Ideal in hot weather, they help you stay fresh and hydrated.

Nectarines go very well with mint, cinnamon and red fruits in purées and sauces.


Nectarines are rich in nutrients. Indeed, they are a good source of provitamin A and vitamin C. Plus, the colour near the pit reflects the amount of flavonoids, very interesting to prevent diseases and cancer.
Nectarines also rich in potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and iron.


Babies can start eating nectarines when they are 8 months old, either as a compote or purée. Recipes with peaches can be used to cook this fruit. Therefore you can concoct small or savoury/sweet dishes to develop the baby’s taste buds.