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Sample weekly menu for babies from 18 to 24 months old

sample menu 18 to 24

The baby has grown up and can now eat almost everything! Quantities will increase and reach portions close to those of an adult.


The baby’s first meal of the day will be the same from 18 months to when it is 3 years old: 240 ml of milk (including semi-skimmed cow milk) with cereals or bread.


The amount of vegetables and starchy food will always be the same as when it was 12 months old (200g with 1/3 of starchy food and 2/3 vegetables), but the amount of meat or fish will go up to 30g from 18 to 23 months and, finally,from 40 to 50g from when it is 2 years old.

One serving of dairy food and fruit will complete the baby’s meal.


As for over the last year, give the baby a portion of dairy food, a fruit and slow-release carbohydrates like bread or a biscuit for your child to enjoy as a snack. You can also give it ice creams or sorbets. For a gourmet dessert, check out these delicious cocoa tarts and banana purée.


From 18 to 24 months, your baby will need 150ml of milk and 200 ml of vegetable soup for its evening meal.

After it is two years old, give it 200 to 250 ml of vegetable soup, as well as a serving of dairy food and half a serving of fruit.


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