by Babymoov

Sample weekly menu for babies from 9 to 11 months old

The baby is now 9 months old, it will be able to start trying new things, namely fatty meat and fish.
Its daily meals will be the same from 9 months up to when it is 1 year old.

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Slightly increase the amount of milk (which was 210 ml up to 8 months) and now give it 240 ml every morning, either breast milk or baby milk of course.


Give it 180 grams of a purée of vegetables and starchy food, while still keeping the same proportion (1/3 of starchy food and 2/3 of vegetables).

The amounts of meat or fish remain the same, that is 20 grams a day. However, the baby can start tasting so-called « fatty » meat and fish, such as salmon, tuna or lamb from when it is 10 months old.

Of course keep giving the baby the portion of dairy food, which can be 125 grams of yoghurt, 60 grams of Petit Swiss cheese or 80 grams of fromage blanc cheese.


You will need to divide the amounts of milk and now offer only 90 ml, but add ½ a serving of dairy (60g of yoghurt, 30 grams of Petit Swiss cheese or 40 grams of fromage blanc cheese). Also add 130g of fruit compote. Blend the dairy food directly with the fruit.


The baby still needs 150ml of milk, but also 180ml of vegetable soup.

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