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Panna cotta with raspberry coulis


400 g of raspberries
100 g of sugar
300 g of fromage blanc (soft white cheese)
half a packet of spéculoos (cinnamon) biscuits


Serves 4 – Preparation: 10 minutes

Wash the raspberries. Put them in the blender bowl of your Nutribaby, adding the sugar and lemon juice and blend everything into a coulis.

Crush the spéculoos biscuits into crumbs and line the bottom of a small glass or ramekin dish.

Add a layer of fromage blanc. Then finish with a layer of the raspberry coulis.


If you don’t like the seeds in the raspberry coulis, you can pass it through a sieve after blending.

Be daring!

If raspberries are not in season, don’t hesitate to use frozen fruit to make the most of this recipe all year round.

mums to be recipe Panna cotta with raspberry coulis

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