by Babymoov


The benefits of turnips

Like cabbage, turnips are part of the family of cruciferous vegetables. They are often associated with swede, though they do not belong to the same species. The former has fairly white flesh, while the latter has yellow flesh. With a high water content, they have one of the lowest energy intakes in vegetables. This explains why they often appear in diets.


Turnips are rich in vitamin C. They also contain vitamin B, which is essential to ensure the nervous system develops properly, especially the baby’s one. Often accused for causing intestinal disorders, turnips have the qualities of its defects. In other words, the fact of being rich in fibres makes our stomach work, but this is good for it and for the rest of the body.


Turnips are often used in stews, but also go very well with mutton, veal or duck.

They are the ideal ingredient for pureé and go very well with potatoes and carrots in soups.


Eat turnips for you and your babies from when they are 6 months old. Make sure you wash them before eating them. Take a closer look at them, they have an excellent price/quality ratio!