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Food’s cooking time for the Nutribaby


The « Cooking babyfood » blog stems from Babymoov‘s desire to make parents’ life easier while weaning their child onto food. So you will find a number of 100% original recipes designed and tested by our teams and by MamanChef, as well as advice on the baby’s diet, fact sheets on food you can give to your baby, etc.

It is also in this sense, to support you in preparing meals for your baby, that Babymoov developed Nutribaby. Part of this blog is also dedicated to this food processor and how to use it.

Also, as many of the readers of the blog have asked us, in this article we give you the food’s cooking time to use Nutribaby. These times are meant as an indication only and may vary depending on the amount of food you cook and your taste or the baby’s taste. Therefore, reduce or increase the cooking time by 1 or 2 minutes if you want to.

FoodAmountCooking time
potatoes300g15-17 min
carrots200g16-20 min
turnips200g18-20 min
French beans250g20-25 min
courgettes300g10-12 min
leeks200g8-10 min
fresh peas400g20-25 min
cauliflower200g18-20 min
artichokes1-220-25 min
asparagus300g17-20 min
broccoli200g12-15 min
celery200g14-16 min
fresh champignon mushrooms250g12-15 min
spinach leaves300g10-14 min
onions100g8-10 min
aubergines200g15-17 min
apples200g12-14 min
pears200g8-10 min
strawberries200g8-12 min
apricots200g8-10 min
peaches200g8-10 min
white fish (cod)200g6-8 min
prawns and shrimps200g3-7 min
king scallops100g6-10 min
tuna steak200g12-14 min
salmon steak200g12-14 min
mussels500g14-18 min
chicken180g15-18 min
pork120g10-12 min
lamb150g8-12 min
beef120g8-10 min
soft-boiled egg5 min
hard-boiled egg12-15 min

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