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Start your Baby on a Healthy Feeding Journey

Start Your Baby on a Healthy Feeding Journey

When it comes to feeding your baby, there’s no one right way to do it. A simple way to clear through the clutter of information is to find a mom you admire and ask her what she does. Being a French company, healthy meals are very important to us. We’d like to share some of what’s worked with our local moms with you so you can adapt and make it your own.

Healthy meals from day one

French babies are fed puréed versions of what their parents are eating when they transition to solids, as early as 6 months. Not having to make separate meals makes meal prep so much easier and less time consuming. Also as a result French kids have a very developed pallet and are open to trying new foods.

Meal time should be enjoyable… teach babies to have fun with it

Mealtime is a very pleasurable social event for families to come together. As early as 6 months, French babies learn to enjoy different textures and flavors, eat slowly so as to enjoy every bite. It is customary to eat meals as a family and kids stay seated for the entire meal.

Spend Less time in the Kitchen

A little planning and good equipment can help you be more efficient and spend less time working.  Our recipes can help.

Ingredients matter, simple recipes to start. Home-cooked, meals should include a variety of fruits, vegetables and proteins.

Skip the baby food aisle

Your baby’s first foods don’t always need to come in tiny pouches and jars. They can come right from your refrigerator — and they’ll likely be healthier. Try mashed avocado, banana, or steamed sweet potato.

Foods for baby 6-8 months

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