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Baby’s first carrot purée

Preparation 10min
Baking 20min
Baby's first carrot purée


150g carrots


Makes 5 portions (120ml) / 3 portions (180ml) – 750g carrots – Preparation: 10 minutes – Cooking time: 20 minutes

Begin by washing and peeling the carrots. Cut them into slices: not too thin, not too thick.

Set the cooking unit on your Nutribaby(+) to XXL mode: stack the 2 baskets and only place one of the two trays inside the base of the bottom basket. Start a 20-minute cooking cycle.

Once the cooking is finished, transfer half the carrots to the blending unit and add half of the cooking liquid. Pulse blend on speed 3 until as smooth as required.

Pour your purée into your containers, and repeat with the second remaining half.


Carrots grow in the ground. If your carrots are not organic, it’s best not to use the cooking liquid for your baby’s first meals. Your carrots may contain nitrates. Replace the cooking liquid with mineral water suitable for babies/newborns.

Don’t forget

For a texture more suitable for toddlers, use blender speed 2 (coarse blending) or 1 (with pieces).

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