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Baby’s first pumpkin purée

Preparation 10min
Baking 16min
Baby's first pumpkin purée


150g pumpkin


Makes 5 portions (120ml) / 3 portions (180ml) – 750g pumpkin – Preparation: 10 minutes – Cooking time: 16 minutes

Begin by washing, peeling and removing the seeds from the pumpkin before cutting it into small dice.

Then set the cooking unit on your Nutribaby(+) to XXL mode (stack the 2 baskets and only place one of the two trays inside the base of the bottom basket). Then start a 16-minute cooking cycle.

Once the cooking is finished, transfer the diced pumpkin to the blending unit. Add ¼ of the cooking liquid. Pulse blend on speed 3. If you feel that the texture is too thick, add 1/3 of the remaining cooking liquid. As pumpkins are already full of water, there is no need to add too much cooking liquid.

Then pour your purée into your containers (Babybols), and it’s ready!


If you dip the spoon in the storage container itself to feed your baby, do not keep the rest of the purée. Throw it away, because once the purée is mixed with your baby’s saliva, it may contain bacteria from your baby’s mouth. For the first few spoonfuls, it is best to take out the quantity required and put it in a small dish. The rest of the purée can then be kept in the refrigerator for 24 hours, ready for the next meal.

Don’t forget

For a texture more suitable for toddlers, use blender speed 2 (coarse blending) or 1 (with pieces).

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