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Baby’s first courgette purée

Prep time:


Cooking time:

puree courgette


For the recipe
130g courgettes


Preparation: 5 minutes – Cooking time: 12 minutes

Begin by washing and peeling the courgette before cutting it into small dice.

Set the cooking unit on the Nutribaby(+) to XXL mode (stack the 2 baskets and only place one of the two trays inside the base of the bottom basket). Then start a 12-minute cooking cycle.

Once the cooking is finished, transfer the diced courgette to the blending unit. There is no need to add any cooking liquid. Since this vegetable is already full of water, doing so would make the mixture too thin. Then pulse blend on speed 3.

Pour your purée into your containers, and it’s ready!

Added tip

If your courgettes are organic, leave the skin on as it contains lots of vitamins!

Don’t forget

For a texture more suitable for toddlers, use blender speed 2 (coarse blending) or 1 (with pieces).

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