by Babymoov

Cucumber and mint gazpacho

Prep time:


Cooking time:


For the recipe
1/2 a cucumber

4 mint leaves, washed
a pinch of salt


Preparation time: 5 minutes

Peel and then cut the cucumber into thick slices

If baby is under a year old, steam the cucumber.

Put the cucumber (raw or cooked depending on baby’s age) with the mint leaves and salt into the Nutribaby mixing bowl. Blend until the texture is lump-free.

This gazpacho can be eaten chilled with a spoon or in a feeding bottle with a large hole.

Be daring!

In Spain, where gazpacho comes from, the soup is usually put in the refrigerator the day before to allow the flavours of all the ingredients to infuse before blending. A little bread is also added to thicken the gazpacho.

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