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Quick chilli con carne

Prep time:


Cooking time:



For the recipe
50 g of cooked kidney beans
1 small piece of onion
1 dessert spoon of crème fraiche

1 teaspoon of olive oil
1 pinch of thyme leaves
1 pinch of paprika
3 dessert spoons of tomato coulis
2 dessert spoons of yoghurt
10 g of minced beef


Preparation: 10 minutes – Cooking Time: 9 minutes 

Drain the kidney beans and put them in the steamer basket. Add the small piece of onion after finely chopping it. Start a 9 minute steam cooking cycle.

Crumble the meat into the second basket and add it 4 minutes into the cooking time.

While this is cooking, allow for all the other ingredients to infuse their flavours together in a bowl.

At the end of the cooking time, add the kidney beans, meat and onion to the infused sauce. You can mash this mixture down with a fork or blend it.


Like all pulses (white beans, pink, green or yellow lentils), kidney beans are a good source of vegetable protein and iron. They are also an excellent source of slow-release sugars and control the body’s blood sugar levels between meals.

Be daring!

You can add a potato to the kidney beans.


As tinned beans always contain more salt, you can leave them to soak in a bowl of water in the fridge in the morning and cook them quickly in the evening. You can freeze any left-over beans or serve them in a salad making for great savings in money.

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