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Chicken, broccoli and coconut milk

Prep time:


Cooking time:

Chicken, broccoli and coconut milk


For the recipe
100 g broccoli
1 small potato
20 g chicken breast
5 cl coconut milk
a knob of butter


Preparation time: 10 minutes – Cooking time: 15 minutes

Rinse the broccoli florets and steam them with the diced potato for 15 minutes in your Nutribaby.

Check they are cooked with the tip of a knife: the broccoli should be soft and moist.

Cut the chicken into bits, poach the chicken so it’s nice and tender and then brown the bits of chicken lightly in a pan with a knob of butter.

Blend the broccoli and potato with the coconut milk. Add a little milk or cooking juice if you prefer a smoother, creamier purée.

Blend the chicken separately (or cut up small for older babies). Mix the chicken in with the broccoli purée or serve separately. It’s ready to eat!

+ idea

If you would like to introduce your baby to the taste of broccoli from the age of 6 months, replace the coconut milk with a little baby formula.

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